Aristobulus III

(d. 35 BCE)
   Hasmonean high priest. At the time he was due to become high priest, Herod the Great appointed Hananel in his place. Aristobulus' mother, Alexandra (daughter of Hyrcanus II) asked Cleopatra to intercede for him with Herod. Hananel was subsequently dismissed and Aristobulus appointed in his place. He was later drowned in the baths at Jericho by Herod's soldiers.

Dictionary of Jewish Biography. .

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  • ARISTOBULUS III — (Hebrew name Jonathan; d. 35 B.C.E.), last Hasmonean high priest. His father was Alexander, son of aristobulus ii , his mother was Alexandra, daughter of Hyrcanus II, and his sister mariamne the Hasmonean, wife of Herod. Aristobulus was due to… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

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